Property Management In New York City

Managing your property in a busy city like New York is not only time-consuming, but also quite engaging especially if you have more than a single unit to lease. If you have other commitments to attend to, or just need more free time to focus on other aspects of your business, then its prudent to hire a third party property manager. There are various factors to consider before engaging a third party for your property management in New York City.

Hiring a property manager is definitely the way to go especially for those who have more than one house to lease. Metropolitan Hudson Management Group offers a variety of services to ease the hassle.

Maintenance – It can be very overwhelming to get calls every single day about a broken toilet or a leak. A third party manager can be the point of contact between you and the client. To save you the hassle, we can take care of minor repairs without necessarily involving you.

Staffing – For those still in construction of new units, we have qualified staff in different dockets of construction. This will save you the stress that comes with looking for different people to hire. We also help you come with contract agreements to avoid payment and delivery disputes.

Planning and Budgeting – We will help you get the best deals around your budget as we are aware of the current market prices and of the inflation rates. There will be no serious budget fluctuations usually experienced by those who hire freelance workers. Your money will also be managed well; embezzlement is definitely out of question.

Rent collection and managing tenant-client relationship – You can forget about the monthly challenge of following up with the tenants to pay rent. We have clear contracts which ensure that rent is paid regularly and on time. As the point of contact between the tenants and the landlord, there will be minimal conflicts that occur when landlords directly handle their clients especially disputes.

We come with a wealth of knowledge in property management, and our managers can help you in creating your lease agreements. Besides offering expert advice, we come highly recommended for your management and maintenance needs. Our experience, market knowledge, and professionalism is unmatched in the realm of management.

Engaging us will result in high tenancy levels. We can assure you that your properties will always remain occupied in every season. With our professionalism and good maintenance, you can also be assured that you will retain your tenants for longer periods. We will also ensure that your holdings stay in good shape, while you save time and energy focusing on other aspects of your business.

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