Property Management Services | New York City

Metropolitan Hudson Management Group is one of the most reputable providers of property management services in New York, bringing over 25 years of experience. We serve clients in New York City, Putnam County and Westchester County.

Third Party Property Management | New York

We provide the following third part property management services:

  • Fiscal administration
  • Property maintenance
  • Direction of property operations
  • Transfer agent services
  • Tailor-made management programs for boards
  • Communication between board and management agents
  • Implement policies and directives from board
  • Advisory services
  • Oversee building staff, including consignees, doormen, porters, support and handymen
  • Develop and review financial statements and annual budgets
  • Field and resolve all shareholder and owner inquiries and complaints
  • Hire and supervise engineering firms
  • Plan, implement and oversee capital improvement projects
  • Troubleshoot buildings
  • General administrative services

Property Services | New York City

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Property Management Company | New York City
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