Four Essential Appliances Every New York City Property Management Firm Recommends For Rentals

Property managers utilize various approaches to furnish apartments to attract several tenants to their rentals. Management agencies acquire high-end furniture and ensure every house gets appealing finishes that will lure potential tenants. However, many managers overlook the importance of installing essential appliances in their rentals to enhance comfortable living for every tenant. The rest of this post lists some of the crucial appliances that every reputable New York City Property Management Firm recommends for rental apartments.


A refrigerator is an essential appliance in every rental home today. While the conventional white fridges may be fine, many tenants yearn for classy appliances that look aesthetically appealing. Managers have many options to install in their rentals, including stainless steel and faux touch refrigerators. We also encourage landlords to identify tenancy expectations in their region and install relevant appliances that suit their specific needs.

Washers and Dryers

Washers and dryers may not be necessary for every rental home, but they are a strong selling point for many tenants. Additionally, these appliances provide the convenience that allows landlords to improve their monthly rents by a substantial percentage when engaging 3rd party property management. We continually assess the types of hookups in every apartment before deploying experts to set up the dryers and washers. Also, we inspect buildings in advance to purchase the right appliances because some properties have gas or electric hookups.


Microwaves are relatively straightforward and affordable to install in rental properties. They are among the most commonly used appliances in rentals to boost returns when outsourcing property management service in NYC. Most people own microwaves already, but managers can advise landlords to add such simple amenities to maximize tax deductions. We always install high-end inbuilt microwaves in various properties to provide a better experience to our tenants.


Nearly all tenants, especially those in residential properties, need dishwashers to facilitate various household chores. Landlords should thus choose such appliances carefully to install what fits perfectly in various properties. We highly recommend the installation of compact dishwashers in a small apartment to save space and regular-sized types for spacious houses.

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