A Four Points Guide To Effective Commercial Property Management In Putnam NY

Professional management of real estate properties is essential to establishing an ideal mechanism to get good returns from such valuable investments. Dealing with tenants and ensuring full occupancy in every apartment may be tough without the right expertise. Luckily, the endeavor becomes easy once you involve experienced managers to take care of your properties. The discussion below outlines the top approaches reputable firms use to ensure effective Commercial Property Management in Putnam NY.


As an established firm in managing properties, we keep track of all monetary activities for all the properties we manage. We have an advanced system to account for all payments accurately from the tenants and keep a trail of any refund we do when a tenant vacates. Our integrated rent administration system allows us to collect rents and adjust them based on the current trends in the market. We analyze the market and prevailing economics to determent the most suitable rent that tenants should pay for various properties.


Our unparalleled customer service enables us to keep tenants happy at all times and refer their friends to our properties. We have excellent dispute resolution avenues that help us amicably resolve issues with all aggrieved tenants. Our excellent marketing strategies are designed to reach a wide coverage to attract tenants to help whenever you need reliable property management services near me. Our workforce screens all new tenants to accommodate only those fit to occupy your apartments.

Maintenance and Repair

Proper renovations provide the potential for selling price and rental fee increase in nearly all properties. Every established property management company in NYC can easily determine which renovations will reap the most benefits. Such a matter can be a complex thing for landlords. At Metropolitan Hudson Management Group, we are well versed with all types of properties to establish which areas to improve and attract value increase easily. We undertake routine landscaping and preventive measures such as pest control to maintain all apartments in the best conditions. Our experts inspect properties for any repair needs and fix faulty areas to avoid inconveniencing tenants.

Budget and Record-Keeping

We always strive to keep the expenses needed to sustain the daily activities necessary to keep the properties clean and attractive. Our experts are vigilant to ensure the cost of maintenance remains within the planned limits to maximize returns. Such cost containment measures are in place to avoid unnecessary expenditure. We have perfect software to maintain proper records of all properties that include signed leases, inspections, complaints, and income, among other key records. Our accountants will also set a clear budget for all activities and guide us to operate within the confines of sound cash allocations.

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